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You don’t like someone on Twitter? Go ahead and block him

Unblock Twitter USA followersUnblock Twitter USA followers

Twitter is one of the most amazing social media platforms and also one of the most popular all over the world. However, this popularity means that it is a place where people from all walks of life with varying beliefs and ideals come together. This sometimes leads to users having to result to blocking other users whom they don’t want to interact with.

how to block usa Twitter followers

Why do users get blocked?

Ideally, users should not have to result to blocking other users. Twitter should be a fun place for everyone and you can get them from most companies; and for the most part it is. However, sometimes blocking is the only option. Some of the users who get blocked include:
1. Users who spam others with preposterous tweets such as tweets asking for follow backs. Those who add others into groups or tag them on their tweets without their consent also get blocked quite often.
2. Users who use abusive, sexist or demeaning language. As much as Twitter is a platform where one can freely air their opinions, some take it too far and end up infringing on the rights of other users. Expression of oneself should be done while putting other users’ feelings into consideration.
3. Users who relentlessly stalk other users. This usually affects the more famous users but can even affect normal users. In some instances, the stalkers are men who are pursuing women they are interested in and when the feeling isn’t mutual, they end up getting blocked.
4. Users who use Twitter to advertise products one is not interested in. While hearing about our favorite gadgets is something we look forward to, users who keep tweeting about products people are not interested in end up getting blocked.
The reasons for blocking a user on the USA Twitter are very many and also quite diverse, these are just a few examples.

How do you block someone?

You first select the user you wish to block. On their page, right next to the follow button are three dots which offer more options. Once you click on the dots, a drop-down menu pops up that has various options such as muting, reporting or sending a direct message. Select the block user option and once you select it, Twitter will indicate that you’ve blocked that user and the follow button will be replaced by a block button which flashes to ‘Unblock’ once you put the cursor over it. This action is reversible at any time.
What happens when you block a Twitter follower in the USA?
Once you block a user on Twitter, they are no longer able to:
1. View your account; this includes your tweets, retweets, favorites, videos or photos.
2. Follow you
3. Have their replies or mentions appearing on your mentions tab.
4. Add your account to their lists
Is it fully effective?
Unblock Twitter USA followers
Once blocked, that user can no longer interact with you on Twitter in the USA or elsewhere again. They can no longer tweet to you, send you direct messages or even access your tweets. However, the user can open a new account as multiple accounts are supported on Twitter and get to get to your account again. You can block this account as well, but nothing prevents them from opening a new one again.
Does the blocked user know you blocked him?
Once you block a user, he is not notified about the action. However, once he attempts to access your account, a message is displayed on your page that lets the user know that he has been blocked and thus can’t access your account.